Monday, July 3, 2017

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to learn:

1) How to start a Non Connected 
PAC for the support of Republican/
Conservative candidates and  for the 
defeat of  Democrat candidates 
on the Federal, State, or city level.

2) Do your own 'Independent 
Expenditures' or the support of 
Reagan Republican/Conservative 
candidates and for the defeat of 
Democrat candidates on the Federal, 
State, city level, or school board.

In doing your own 'Independent 
Expenditures' you do not run for 
elected office. 

3) How to start a Super PAC 
for the support or for the defeat 
of  Democrat candidates on the 
Federal, State, city level, and
school board.

4) How to run for elected office 
on the Federal, State, city level,
and school board.