Sunday, March 1, 2015

What You Will Find Here: How to start a Super PAC, How to start a Non - Connected PAC, How to run for Federal, State, and Local office ... See more here ...

Before we get into the great 

empowerment tools, a few 

issues first .... 

These tools need to be used NOW 

by YOU to help defeat Jeb Bush, 

starting from NOW and into the 

2016 primary campaign because 

Jeb Bush is a GOP establishment 

anti - Reagan who's family opposed 

Ronald Reagan in Reagan's 1976 

presidential campaign. 

Jeb Bush is for:

1) Common Core. (Source: 

Republican talk radio host 

Hugh Hewitt, Feb. 2015)

2) Amnesty. (Source: Conservative 

talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, 

Feb. 2015)

3) Obamacare. (Source: Conservative 

talk radio host Mark Levin, 2014)

Protest - Oppose Amnesty to the 
U.S. House of Representatives. Call 
talk radio nationwide by going to 

Call Capitol Hill and leave your 
comments to Congressmen 
toll free at this website:

Look up the House Congress member 
names at

SEE how, talking points:

SEE details in posts below! 

Empowerment tools  you will 
find here at Your Political Wings:


How to start one !

- What a Non - Connected PAC is 

and how how to start one ...

- What is the difference between a 
Super PAC and a Non- Connected 
PAC ...

- Spend your own unlimited 

amountof money to campaign 
across the U.S. to defeat or support 
a candidate without filing as a 
candidate (independent 
expenditures) .... 

- How to run for federal office: 
U.S. Congress - House of 
Representatives, U.S. Senate, 
U.S. President, and State and 
local offices.

SEE details in posts below !

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Friday, January 16, 2015

How to defeat Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney in the 2016 primary ... This is how

Start your own Non Connected Political Action 
Committee, Super PAC, or do your own unlimited 
'Independent Expenditures' with your own 
unlimited amount of money through FEC rules,
 regulations, and help.


'Your Political Wings' shows you how right 
here ! Just keep scrolling down and see how.

The money you raise for your Federal PAC, 
Super PAC and your own personal unlimited 
( non -fundraised) 'Independent Expenditures' 
money you spend on your own can be used to 
support the election or defeat of any Federal 
candidates (Presidential, U.S. Senate, 
U.S. House of Representatives you choose. 

It can be used to do ads and mailers to 
persuade voters against and to defeat high taxes, 
Obamacare, and illegal alienism, liberal lower 
and Supreme Court court appointments, and can 
be used against (for the defeat of) those candidates 
who are in favor of high taxes, Obamacare, 
liberal court court appointments, and illegal 

America's Republican party Conservatives 
should reject Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush 
Republicans now and in 2016 primary 
because they are establishment RINO 
Republican moderates, the same group of 
Republicans who, according to Conservative 
talk show host Mark Levin, opposed 
Ronald Reagan in 1976 and have been in power 
since 1989.

They are phony conservatives. Jeb Bush is 
for amnesty, the ruinous Common Core 
public education cirriculum, and Obamacare.
Romney is for amnesty and not repealing
Obamacare. If President, Romney said he 
would only issue an executive order for 
states to opt out of Obamacare if they 
want to, and that he would not repeal 

Romney's Massachusetts universal healthcare 
was the model for Obamacare. 

For more about:

1) The deceit used by Obama, Nancy Pelosi, 
and her Democrats in Congress to pass 
Obamacare in 2010, and ...

2) The coming devastating effects of 
Obamacare on healthcare and the U.S. 
economy (job loss, massive new taxes on 
all Americans, high price increases).

and 'Organizing Against Obamacare' 
on Facebook.