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Friday, January 2, 2009

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What you will learn at ~ Your Political Wings ~

1) How to start your own Non-Connected
Political Action Committee -
a. Raising funds to do your PAC ads
against Democrats anywhere in the
United States.
b. The awesome empowerment a PAC can
c. Contribute PAC campaign donations
to the candidates of your choice.
d. Do ads in support of or promoting
the defeat of U.S.Senate, U.S. House of
Representative, and U.S. Presidential
e. That PACs ( Non-
Connected PACs ) are a great tool
for making a difference !

2) How to do your own ads, as an individual,
with your own unlimited amount of money
against Democrats anywhere in the United
States through 'Idependent Expenditures'
without running for office -
a. For the support of or defeat of
any U.S. Senate,U.S. House of
Representatives, or U.S.
Presidential candidates of your

3) How to run for elected office,
including :
a. How to raise campaign funds -from
where and from who.

4) Sound campaign strategy that wins elections.

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Lee Reeves said...

How do most people set up a nonconnected PAC? Do they form an entity? Create bylaws (or other operating documents)?