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What You Will Find Here ( powerful ! ), The MOST important message to get across the U.S. in the 2012 campaign and beyond, Simple first steps to file as a PAC, How to do yuor own campaigning wiithout filing as a candidate !


- SUPER - PAC and How to start one !

- What a Non - Connected PAC is and how
   how to start one ...

- Spend your own unlimited amount
of money to campaign across the U.S. to 
defeat or support a candidate without filing as a
candidate ( independent expenditures ) .... 
  - How to run for office, Congress, State offices 
and President ...
Contact the F.E.C at -

See the amazing,  powerful tools available
for you to FIGHT shown below,  save this  :

* SEE how the Obama health care bill is the worse
threat to the American way of life since WW2 !
and how to stand, fight, dismantle and get it removed ! 

SEE at FACEBOOK - Organizing Against Obamacare -
An Important message to defeat Obama in the 2014
campaign and beyond - Obama destroys the economy -
- SPREAD IT ! See here Click -

Audacious, blatant abuse of power by Mr. Obama 
for political gain, at the expense and suffering of the
American people! Spread the truth to the voter 
across the country. Massive unemployment, massive
forced transfer of the American worker to part - time 
employment, and huge spike in high prices coming
when employer mandate come after 2014, Obama 
delayed employer mandate to delay harsh negative 
effects of the employer mandate to try to save his 
Democrats from defeat in the Nov. 2014 Mid -term 
election. Why? To try to keep himself from being a 
lame duck President: No Democrat majority in the
U.S. Senate means he is majorly done as a 
President ... SEE below for details ...

July 1, 2013, Mr. Obama  for the first time delays the employer mandate
until after the Nov. 2014 mid -term election, in Decenmber 2013 delays
the employer mandate until after 2015-2106.

 On April 26, 2013 talk radio host Rush Limbaugh reported
Democrats in Congress, knowing teh destruction of jobs to come because
of the Obamacare employer mandate, were begging Obama to delay the
employer mandate, because they were petrified they will lose the Nov. 2014
mid term U.S. House and U.S Senate election in Nov. 2014 as a result of
coming destruction of jobs, that is, creation of high unemployment because
of the employer mandate.

On July 1, 2013, Mr. Obama delays the employer mandate at the begging of
his Democrats in Congress, this because they were and are petrified they
will lose the 2014 mid term House and Senate election in Nov. 2014.

 GOOGLE the following article  from the 
Huffington post, and see  the vulnerable seats 
by name :

" 2014 Senate Races Likely To Keep Democrats On The Defensive ... shows 12 Democratic seats that are potentially in play "

2014 Senate Races Likely To Keep 

Democrats On The Defensive ... 

" Twenty Democratic senators are up for reelection in 2014, compared to only 13 Republicans. Despite the Democratic successes the last time this group of senators was up for election in 2008, many of their seats are in Republican-leaning, or swing, states.

An initial analysis of the 2014 Senate races -- primarily based on the partisan leanings of each state and the perceived strength of the incumbents -- shows 12 Democratic seats that are potentially in play, compared with just two Republican seats that could be vulnerable, ensuring that Democrats will almost exclusively be playing defense in 2014. "



    A. What a Non - Connected PAC is and how
         How to start one - POWERFUL !

2)  What a SUPERPAC is and How to start a

3)  How to spend your own unlimited amount
     of money to campaign across the U.S. to defeat
     or support a candidate without  filing as a
     candidate ( independent expenditures )
      - POWERFUL !

 * Steps to file as a PAC ( I did it in 1999 ). Here are the first 3 steps.
Showing them to you will save you time, rather than going it on your own !
STEPS in order they should be done  :

A. Get a statement of Organization form from the Federal Elections Commission.
 The phone number for the F.E.C. is at

B. File the POL form for the IRS at the IRS phone # FEC will
provide you, download the form, fill it out, and send to the IRS.

C. You will need a business license with a NON - PROFIT STATUS
from the ( your ) city of operation. To file a that business license, the
city will first require of you a proof of NON-PROFIT STATUIS letter
from the IRS.

Since you would have already filed your POL form with the IRS, you
will already be set up to request a letter of proof  of NON - PROFIT
STATUS from the IRS. Call or write the IRS for the letter and send to them
your F.E.C. statement of organization if  you call and they require it. If you
write to them, send them a copy anyway.

When you receive your letter of proof of NON - PROFIT STATUS,
go to your City's business license division and give it to them with your
business license application.

- For further assistance you may contact Your Political Wings at

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