Friday, June 28, 2013

What You Will Find Here ... How to start a Super PAC, How to start a Non - Connected PAC, How to run for Federal, State, and Local office ... See more here ...

Protest - Oppose Amnesty to the 
U.S. House of Representatives. Call talk 
radio nationwide by going to 
Call capitol Hill and leave your comments to Congressmen 
toll free at these numbers: 877-210-5351 and 866 -220-0044
Look up the House Congress member names at
SEE how, and talking points
at :



How to start one !

- What a Non - Connected PAC is 

and how how to start one ...

- What is the difference between a 
Super PAC and a Non- Connected PAC ...

- Spend your own unlimited amount
of money to campaign across the U.S. to
defeat or support a candidate without filing 

as a candidate ( independent 
expenditures ) .... 

- How to run for federal office: U.S. Congress -
House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, 
U.S. President, and State and local offices.

SEE details in posts below !

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