Tuesday, March 18, 2014

How to get your guys elected, and Democrats defeated: Create your own Super PAC, Non- Connected PAC, or do your own ' Independent Expenditures' spending your own unlimited amount of money without running as a candidate !


Amazing empowerment for Reagan 
Republicans, Conservatives, Tea 
Party in 2014 and in the future!

To get your guys elected and 
Democrats and RINOs defeated, 
create your own:

1)  Super PAC, 

2) Non- Connected PAC,

3) or do your own ' Independent 
Expenditures'spending  your own 
unlimited amount of money 
without running as a candidate!

See general descriptions of each 
of the above here at Your Political 
Wings ...

To  inquire about all three, 
contact the Federal Elections 
Commission toll free at
(800) 424-9530, or go to 
the Federal Elections Commission 
website at: 

Click- http://www.fec.gov

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