Sunday, March 1, 2015

What You Will Find Here : How to start a Super PAC, How to start a Non - Connected PAC, How to run for Federal, State, and Local office ... See more here ...

Before we get into the great empowerment tools, a few issues first .... These tools need to be used NOW by YOU to help defeat Jeb Bush, starting from NOW and into the 2016 primary campaign because Jeb Bush is a GOP establishment anti - Reagan who's family opposed Ronald Reagan in Reagan's 1976 presidential campaign. Jeb Bush is for:

1) Common Core. ( Source: Republican talk radio host Hugh Hewitt, Feb. 2015)

2) Amnesty. ( Source: Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, Feb. 2015)

3) Obamacare. ( Source: Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin, 2014)

Protest - Oppose Amnesty to the 
U.S. House of Representatives. Call talk 
radio nationwide by going to 
Call Capitol Hill and leave your comments to Congressmen 
toll free at : 877-210-5351
Look up the House Congress member names at
SEE how, and talking points:

SEE details in posts below ! Empowerment tools  
you will find here at Your Political Wings :


How to start one !

- What a Non - Connected PAC is 

and how how to start one ...

- What is the difference between a 
Super PAC and a Non- Connected PAC ...

- Spend your own unlimited amount
of money to campaign across the U.S. to
defeat or support a candidate without filing 

as a candidate ( independent 
expenditures ) .... 

- How to run for federal office: U.S. Congress -
House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, 
U.S. President, and State and local offices.

SEE details in posts below !

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