Friday, December 19, 2008

How To Do your Own Ads Against Democrats With Your Own Money


To do this, one may do what are called ' Independent
Expenditures 'with your own unlimited amount. There are no
amount limits on how much money you can spend doing this.

One does not file as a candidate against another candidate,
nor as a PAC to do this. It is a feature provided by the
Federal Elections Commission to any citizen who would like
to spend their own money campaigning against any Federal
candidate or incumbent, even in non- election years.

To find out all about this incredible opportunity,go to, then click 'libraries'. Then Click
'Independent Wxpenditures'. You will see these links titled:

Forms for Other Filers
Form 5 Report of Independent Expenditures Made and Contributions Received filed by individuals or groups (Form 5 Instructions)
Form 7 Report of Communication Costs by Corporations and Membership Organizations (Includes Instructions)
Form 9 24-Hour Notice of Disbursements/Obligations for Electioneering Communications filed by individuals and groups (Form 9 Instructions)

Those are your links and forms.
You will see the links provide above.

The reporting requirements are actually very simple:

1) Any amount above $ 250.00 spent is reported every
quarter in which expenditure is spent on ads,
what have you.

2) Any amount$ 10,000.00 or more is reported within
24 hrs. that it is spent.

3) Also any spent before or within 20 days of election
must be reported within 24 hrs.

4) Mostly this only has to do with Form 5 feature below,
but others included with.( From 20 day rule don't
remember if it's any amount spent or $ 10,000.00
must be reported within 24 hrs. )

5) Your own money is used, money used ( expenditures
spent )is not taxed.

6)Internet costs, expenditures,are not reportable
costs.( FEC exemption ).

7) Must include a ' disclaimer '( your name and mailing
address )on ads , mailers, radio commercials, cable TV,
Regular TV : Paid for by Joe Sixpack,
1000 E. Country Road
Somewhere in CA, 92801

8) One can do this 'to support the election or defeat'
of any U.S. Presidential, U.S. Congressional
candidate : House of Representaives, U.S. Senate
( Contact your State Elections Division for State
Candidates - Can do same 'Independent Expenditures
packet in support of the election or defeat of State
candidates ' with your own money, but must be filed
with State Elections Division. )

9) FEC Specialists are there to answer any
questions, Mon - Fri. 5:00 am - 1:30pm PST
toll free( 800 )424-9530

- David K.

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