Friday, December 19, 2008

How To Start Your Own PAC - Political Action Committee - and The Awesome things It Can Do

Fri. 12/19/08' How To Start A PAC ' - Political Action Committee -

The kind of PAC I am showing you how to create is
called a 'Non -Connected PAC'
For info and a packet mailed to you, go to the Federal
Elections Commissions website:
or Call the FEC at (800) 424 - 9530
FECSpecialist are avilable to answer as many questions
as you may have.

A Non- Connected PAC is a powerful organization that you,
your friends, relativesand acquaintances can create
which will give you the POWER to influence voters with
the truth to vote out the corrupt pro-illegal
alien Democrats. With your PAC you can:
A. Raise money from regular citizens, and Congressmen
B. To do hard hitting, truth telling positive and negative
attack ads through mass mailing,radio ads and T.V. ads,
even on the Internet against the corrupt pro-illegal
alien Democrats.
C. Raise and contribute money to give to Anti-illegal alien
invasion candidates and incumbents.
*D. - A private company which is an
all encompassing aid for PAC fundraising and Federal
Elections Commission report filing, campaign strategizing
for your PAC, and running for public office.

Aristotle services can be obtained at :
This is the best, but not the only one.

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