Friday, December 19, 2008

Tired off Moderate Republicans ( RINOS ), the corrupt Democrats and the liberal bias media ?


Would you like to make a real difference ?

Tired of moderate 'Republicans'
( RINOS - Republicans in name only )
compromising Conservative principles, allying
themselves with unprincipled, self interested,
corrupt overtaxation theft, pro - illegal alien
Democrats such as Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi,
Harry Reid, Barbara Boxer,Tom Daschle
and others ?

Then ' Your Political Wings ' is for you.

For years they have used the liberal
bias media as their propaganda tool decieving the
American public, amounting to unfair free
campaign ads. " We have the media on our
side. "
- Quote from a Democrat operative on ABC's
'Nightline ' during the Clinton administration.

Your Political Wings - A website of empowerment !

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Eleanor said...

peI have a doozy Obama admits he was born in Kenya. his wife also says her husband was born in kenya. he also admits he is a MUSLIM. he even talks about ' THE HOLY KORAN' Check it out its on" TRUTH MATTERS; "

Even the Donald doesn't know about this. however I put it on his facebook..Eleanor Sotos Call me 951 271 2337